Therapeutic Support

Our Therapy Services support our clients within a solution focused framework to meet their goals. Our therapists are passionate about supporting people to learn everyday skills, manage their emotional responses, communicate more effectively, be more independent, and to enjoy mealtimes.

Art Therapy

There are times where you need to be able to debrief, talk about your struggles, express your concerns and vent your frustrations in a safe and confidential space. Art therapy is particularly useful for those wishing to explore life challenges through an avenue other than words and talk therapy. Tools used might include clay, paint and collage.

Benefits include an opportunity to explore topics and feelings that are sometimes too difficult to put into words; and increases self-esteem and confidence, whilst providing relaxation and balance through tapping into the creative elements.

Anala, Therapeutic Support
Anala, Therapeutic Support, Counselling

Generalist Counselling

A counsellor is someone you can talk to about everyday difficulties. Sometimes just the act of talking about what’s going on helps you to see solutions you didn’t know were there. It is all about you. That’s why our counselling appointments are tailored to meet your needs and not strictly in a clinic setting. We can meet you where you are comfortable. Our counsellors and professional qualified therapists and have a range of experience in helping children, young people and adults to create a framework that will support you in the day to day.

Speech Pathology

Speech Pathologists can help you with a range of a person’s skills. This includes a persons communication, how they speak, how they understand language and augmented or alternative communication systems or devices for those with complex communication needs. Further our speech pathology team are able to help with swallowing difficulties and mealtime management strategies.

Anala, Therapeutic Support, Speech Pathology

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