Psychology & Behaviour Support

Our psychologists provide therapeutic supports to individuals and their support networks who require strategies, tools and techniques to support them to stay well and cope with the demands of their everyday life.

Behaviour Support

We are particularly skilled in the area of behaviour management and providing functional behaviour assessment, behaviour intervention strategies and behaviour intervention support plans for individuals displaying challenging behaviours.

We work in a consultative model within the system which the person experiencing challenging behaviours is a part of. This includes home, respite, school, workplaces support independent living homes and anywhere else a person comes into contact with. When required our behaviour specialists work with other members of the Anala therapeutic team to provide individuals with a multi-element plan suited to their unique situation.

In addition we provide training for professionals and carers in the care and management of a person displaying challenging behaviours.

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Anala offers a broad range of psychometric, diagnostic and screening assessments to individuals across the lifespan. All assessment results are compiled in a detailed psychological report with a summary of clinical observations, background information, medical history and standardised test results prepared and analysed by the psychologist. The substantial report is finalised with practical recommendations for parents, carers, GPs and teachers in relation to academic, social, behavioural and emotional functioning.

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