Lifestyle Support Program

Our mentors help you to reach your lifestyle goals. We support people in a range of situations. From supporting independent living to social inclusion our mentors are there to guide and support you!

Parents with Disabilities

We provide specific supports to parents who themselves are affected by disability.

This program is about building connection and trust, the rapport and relationship developed between the mentor and the parent leads to better conversation and a better understanding of everyone’s roles within the complexities of restoration or child protection matters.

Anala, Lifestyle Support program
Anala, Lifestyle Support Program, Mentoring


Mentoring is for people requiring guidance, support and training. This might be in a client’s home, community, workplace or other venue. Activities may include:

  • Independent living skills which include activities of daily living such as preparing a meal, laundry and shopping.
  • Travel training to support with recreational activities and social inclusion.
  • Money management training to assist with budgeting, paying bills and shopping.
  • Helping people with mental health and/or disability to manage their life and live independently.
  • Helping a young person to achieve a goal or learn a new skill.

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