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Who we are

Supporting people and children living with disability, mental health and trauma.

Anala, Southern Highlands Disability Services and Support

At Anala we support and guide individuals, families, young people, the frail aged and organisations by creating unique programs and services to cater for your personal or organisational requirements. In the back of our minds our mission is always there; to create individualised support to cater for your lifestyle needs.

Anala, Southern Highlands Disability Services

Services & Programs

Anala, Psychology & Behaviour Support

Our psychologists and generalist counsellors provide therapeutic support to stay well and cope with the demands of their everyday life.

Anala, Therapeutic Support

Art therapy is particularly useful for those wishing to explore life challenges. It gives people an opportunity to explore their personal constructs and coping mechanisms.

Anala, Lifestyle Support Program

Our mentors help you to reach your lifestyle goals. We support people in a range of situations.

Anala, Workshops & Support Programs

Anala provide a range of training and information sessions for families, carers, workers and other interested parties.

Anala, Support Co-ordination & Case Management

Anala has a skilled pool of professionals who are competent in running a series of workshops and information sessions for a variety of community groups.

We are a registered plan management business; our aim is to support participants to get the best service to meet their individual needs and skills.

Anala, Disability Services and Support

Programs & Services

Anala’s multidisciplinary teams offer a high standard of complex support for people living with disability, mental health and who have experienced trauma or other major life stressors. Our programs and services are designed to ensure each and every client is supported to reach their goals and lives their best life.

Anala, Southern Highlands Disability Services

NDIS Support

Ana, Alana and their team of friendly staff have been using their extensive experience to support people with a disability and their families and carers to get ready for the NDIS; by providing information sessions, consultations to organisations, staff training and support planning for individuals.

Anala, Southern Highlands Disability Services
Anala, NDIS Support